Why Animal Commercials work?

I create animal commercials that’ll make your tail wag

You have the vision for a great pet food TV spot. I have the experience and ingenuity to bring it to life.


Petfood brands




The proof is in the pet food

Famous pet food brands like Pedigree, Gourmet (Fancy Feast), Kitekat, Hills and Sheba have trusted me to direct and produce the kinds of commercials you’ll find on this website.

Why do they choose me?

To get animals to perform for the camera, there’s no substitute for experience–and I have loads of it. Remember, animals can be unpredictable on set. Instead of getting hysterical in response, I draw on that experience to calmly find a solution. I also use a vast network of expert animal handlers, who further ensure a smooth, well-run shoot.

Seeing is believing

Whether you’ve been involved with many animal or pet food commercials–or none until now–take a look at these spots, then imagine your own project in the same capable hands.

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