Fernando Garcia

Fernando GarciaPassion and patience

Those are the keys to a great spot. Hi, I’m Fernando Garcia, and there’s nothing I love more than to create engaging commercials that feature amazing animals–and that sell for the client!

This is far from easy

You need to truly love animals and know how to quickly develop a natural rapport with them.  You must also be incredibly patient to get the end results that you, the agency, and your client want. Plus, you need the in-depth experience, artistic eye and technical skills to translate someone else’s vision onto the screen.

That’s asking a lot

But for many years now, I have been doing exactly that for high-profile clients from Paris to Los Angeles, Amsterdam to Cape Town. And I’d love to do the same for you, so contact me.

Please take a look at my portfolio of TV spots, my client list as well as my general reel list and pet food reel list.


P.S.–I’m fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish, German and French, which can come in very handy on those multilingual shoots.